In June 2023, we visited this beautiful island together. Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, is situated on the northern side of Africa.

The first restaurant we want to share with you from our stay is the local restaurant Rest Alfonso.


Bruschetta is a typical Italian dish consisting of bread toasted in olive oil, chopped tomatoes, finely chopped onion and garlic. For seasoning basil leaves, salt and black pepper can be used. This dish never disappoints… the bread was crispy, tomatoes were freshly delicious, and the sliced ​​prosciutto was a tasty addition.


Gazpacho is another delicacy from Spanish cuisine. This soup is special because it is served cold. This soup can be compared to tomato soup thanks to their similar bases. However, more vegetables go into gazpacho, such as peppers, cucumbers, onions, but the main difference remains in its serving. The experience of this soup is full of flavors. Tomatoes add a sweet taste to the soup, while red peppers add a spicy kick. The soup is light, ideal for summer days. We recommend trying it when you visit Spain.


Paella is one of the most popular traditional dishes in Spain. You can choose from several types, for example traditional seafood, meat, a mix of both of these types or black with cuttlefish. We ordered seafood and meat to taste. We must say that the Paella fulfilled our expectations to a great extent. It was rich in seafood, offered a complex palette of flavors and a unique experience. The pot featured a wide range of colors and textures. Yellow saffron rice grains were harmoniously mixed with pieces of fresh shrimp, mussels, squid and other seafood.

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